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The Thirsty Crow: Pebbles to make Cross Border Payment easier

The Fable Platform offers different modules as stand-alone offerings or in cost-effective packages for your unique cross border payment needs.

Once upon a time, there was a crow. On a hot, summer day he flew in search of water here and there. After a long search and no water in sight, he stopped near a pile of broken pots to rest. In one of the broken pots, there was some water but the water was low and far from the reach of his beak. The crow tried to reach the water several times but failed. He was tired and thirsty.

The crow had an idea. He started collecting pebbles and put them in the pot one by one. Soon, the level of water in the pot rose and the crow was able to reach it. With his presence of mind, the crow overcame his thirst.

The popular children’s fable about the thirsty crow has been told and re-told several times to teach the lesson of conviction, dedication and smart use of tools. Today, I am here with the fable of the thirsty crow in the context of cross-border payment software.

The Cross border Payments market has experienced a growth in the past decade and is expected to grow at an increased pace in the next one. However, the complexity of the process, the involvement of multiple parties and complicated international regulations in the absence of a ubiquitous system of payments is making it difficult for new players to tap into the waters of foreign remittance payments.

However, just as the crow used the pebbles to reach the water, Fable Financial Services provides you with the necessary infrastructure and services to help you reach the water of cross-border payments.


Cross-border Payments: The Unreachable water

Cross border transactions are complex, time-consuming processes. In 1973 to make international payments easier, 239 banks from 15 countries developed the SWIFT protocol. SWIFT is not a means of money exchange but a communication portal through which standardized messages containing transaction information can be shared by banks.

The actual transfer of funds is a much more complex process as there is no one-size-fits-all method to conduct foreign payments. If Bank ABC in one nation wishes to send money to Bank XYZ in another, both banks must have an account with their counterpart. There is no physical exchange of funds during an international transaction. Instead, bankers credit accounts in one jurisdiction while debiting the same amount in the other.

For banks to be able to transfer money using the above method, they must have a direct relationship with every bank, which means managing thousands of accounts while complying with myriad regulations of every country. Instead, banks find it easier to partner with correspondent banks who act as intermediaries. More the number of intermediaries, the more the cost and the slower the process. It could take years to build such relations and payment chains. How could one speed up the process? The answer lies with Fable Cross Border Payment Services.



Fable Cross Border Payment services: Bring the water to you

In the of cross-border payments market there is no one-size-fits-all method of doing business. Hence, Fable Cross Border Payment software brings to you a piece wise integration of different modules to serve your unique payment needs. Each module, just like every pebble in the fable of the thirsty crow, has its own importance, its own place in the cross-border payment chain.


Fable Growth Suite

Fable offers an end-to-end solution for cross border payments needs of your retail customers. Retail remittances are often a large number of low-value payments. Such payments are not cost-effective for banks because of the intermediaries who claim a large share of the profits. Having a single point of integration for all steps of the payment chain will help improve profitability for retail payments.

Here are the services included in the Growth Suite:

Payment gateway for different modes of payment
Platform independence. Fable software can be integrated with mobile banking, net banking as well as the existing payment system in the bank branch.
Partnership management for collection and disbursement of funds. You can create new partnerships and/or update the terms of existing partnerships with a click of a button
You can work with different partners across multiple corridors
Customer authentication service (KYC)
Regulatory compliances
Easily configurable product offerings. You can alter fees, tax rates, set limits etc as needed for separate payment corridors
Run promotional campaigns
Anti-money laundering checks
Deal management
Workflow management


The Growth Suite also have additional offerings for corporate clients and e-commerce websites depending upon their specific requirements. The technology platform allows clients to be market-ready in a matter of days.



Fable Processing Suite

The Fable Processing Suite is for organisations that already have a payment service for customers but lack the resources to expand their network to other countries. Fable provides a one-step integration backend solution to manage cross border payments. The focus could be on:


Inward Payment Processing
Outward payment processing
Compliance management
A Hybrid of the above

Fable brings with it an existing network of licensed partners which can be leveraged for rapid go-to-market offerings. Just as the pebbles fit into the pot to take place of the water. Fable modules fit snugly to provide hassle-free integration with your existing system.

Fable Brand Architecture




Fable Enablement Services


The Fable Platform offers different modules as stand-alone offerings for your unique needs. In addition to the modules listed above, here are some other modules available as stand-alone service.

VISA / MasterCard integration

SWIFT automation
Western Union integration
Ripple integration

The following services can be outsourced to Fable while you focus on growing your business

Customer Services
Compliance checks
Operations management



Fable Cross Border payment software provides you with the liberty to enter the cross border payments ecosystem on your own terms. Fable integration will help you lower transaction costs, promote interoperability and reduce the time taken to complete a foreign remittance payment while making you future-ready with their agile offerings. Like the pebbles in the fable, using the Fable product modules you can enter the turbulent waters of the international payments ecosystem with ease.

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